RDV Carthage de l'Assurance

16th Carthage Insurance and Reinsurance


From 5 th to 7 th February 2023

Djerba , Tunisia


16th Carthage Insurance and Reinsurance Rendez-Vous

From 5th to 7th February 2023
Le Casino, Djerba, Tunisia

Theme " The Insurance and Reinsurance industry facing the challenges of climate change and economic pressure: What prospects? "

Sunday February 5th 2023


Health walk offered by COMAR

10am - 5pm      Registration

2pm – 6pm

Cultural tour

         8pm             Welcome cocktail hosted by the General Insurance Committee

Monday February 6th 2023

8am - 5pm      Registration

9am - 9.30am

Official Opening Ceremony: Welcome words:

- President of the FTUSA & the organizing committee

- President of the GAIF

- General secretary of GAIF

- The Minister of Finance

- The Minister of Youth and Sports

9.30am - 10am


  • Tribute : Mr. Abderahman FATMI (RIP)
  • Guest of Honor : Mr. Khalil JANDOUBI, Olympic Champion, Taekwondo

10am - 10.30am

Coffee break offered by Sen Re.

10.30am - 11.30am

Panel 1 Impact of inflationary trends on the insurance and reinsurance sector

  • President of the Panel: Mr. Hafedh EL GHARBI, President of General Insurance Committee.
  • Speakers:
    • Mr. Hedi HACHICHA, SCOR
    • Mr. Skander NAIJA, General Director, AMI ASSURANCES
    • Mr. Ghislainn LE CAM, Rating agency AM Best
    • Mr. Ahmed EL KARAM, Economic and financial expert

11.30am - 11.45am


11.45am - 12.45pm

Panel 2 : Climate change: Insurance Solutions? 

  • President of the Panel: Mrs. Lamia BEN MAHMOUD, CEO Tunis Re.
  • Speakers:
    • Mr. Adel BEN YOUSSEF, University professor
    • Mr. Laurent MONTADOR, Delegated Managing DirectorCCR Re
    • Mrs. Emilie BEL, Deputy Director of Public Affairs and Manager of Department of International Affairs, France Assureurs

12.45pm - 1pm



Lunch offered by FTUSA

3pm – 6pm

B to B meetings


Gala dinner hosted by Tunis Re.

Tuesday February 7th 2023

10am - 11am

Panel 3 : Financial & Insurance inclusion

  • President of the Panel: Mr. Chakib ABOU ZEID, GAIF
  • Speakers:
    • Mr. Bechir ZAOUALIi, OIF
    • Mr. Mahmoud MANSOUR, President of ACM
    • Mr. Adama NDIAYE, General Director, SEN RE
    • Mrs. Nadia TOUHAMI, Partner FS Consulting EY

11am - 11.15am


11.15am - 11.45am

Coffee break offered by Generale Assistance

11.45am - 12.45pm

Panel 4 : CSR: A performance lever for the insurance sector

  • President of the Panel: Mr. Bilel SAHNOUN, CEO, BVMT
  • Speakers:
    • MrHabib BEN HASSINE, President of the FTUSA
    • Mrs. Cyrine HFAIEDH, General Manager, ARS
    • Mr. Timothée HUIGNARD, PWC/ Partner
    • Mr. Dhafer SAIDANE, University professor

12.45pm - 1pm


1pm - 1.15pm

Closing Ceremony


Lunch offered by FTUSA

3pm – 6pm

B to B meetings


Dinner offered by FTUSA

Wednesday February 8th, 2023

Departure of participants